Start a BNI Chapter

5 Steps to Starting a BNI Chapter

Click HERE to download a printable PDF start guide


Step 1: Visit a Chapter

Click HERE to schedule a visit to observe a showcase chapter. An experienced BNI Support Team Member (BNI Director) will also be in touch to help you.



Step 2: Build Founding Member Team

Find 5 to 10 (or more!) well connected, positive, liked and respected professionals interested in growing their business. Each person will complete an online membership application. No payment is necessary at this time.


Step 3: Information Meeting

Set up an informational meeting with your Founding Member Team and BNI Support Team Member (BNI Director).

Approximate Time: 30min - 1 hour

You will learn how & who to invite to the upcoming Discover BNI Event. After this meeting, the founding members will complete the application payment online.

Contact Us: Click here

Step 4: Discover BNI Event

This is a high energy, fun, and informative networking event! This event will be a great way to connect local professionals, meet influential community leaders, and deepen your referral network.



Step 5: BNI Success Phases

Your Discover BNI Event was a major success… now what? You begin to meet weekly, move through the startup program with a BNI Launch Director and kick-off a chapter of 25+ members!



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